Early Morning Trivia

Join Keith every weekday morning at 7:10 to figure out the answer to the Early Morning Trivia question!

Answer correctly and you’re getting hooked up with a prize from B103!

* Listeners and their families can only win once every 30 days.


Monday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Close to half of homeowners have 2 of these at their house. 2 of what?

ANSWER:  BBQ grills!

Congratulations to Sam of Nebraska City!


Tuesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

According to a new survey, eating late at night will heighten your risk for this?


Congratulations to Graceland of Auburn!


Wednesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

29% of Americans use at least one sick day a year for this particular reason.

Believe their pet is sick!

Congratulations to Lauren of Rock Port!


Thursday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

About half of women surveyed say they find it “very attractive” when a potential love interest knows how to do this.

A: Iron clothes!

Congratulations to Cathy of Falls City!


Friday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

The av. person loses up to 9 items every day. What is the # 1 item?

A. Cellphone!!

Congratulations to Mira of Nebraska City!