Lakeview Power Lifting Program Going Strong in Year One

COLUMBUS, Neb. – While power lifting may scare some people away, for the members of the Lakeview Power Lifting Club, it gives them a bit of relief, and a boost.

“I feel like it’s a good way to deal with when I’m upset, it’s a good way to get some energy,” says lifter Dylan Heesacker.

The club was started at Lakeview this school year, with practices beginning in mid-November for the dozen or so members.

Coaches Keith Bignell and Craig Ehrenberg, longtime lifters themselves, decided to tutor the kids, prepping them for a few power lifting meets throughout the winter.

“It doesn’t take a lot of skill, it just takes dedication, hard-work and consistent hard work,” says Ehrenberg.

Ehrenberg has been involved in power lifting competitions since the 1980’s and says the activity preps lifters for any other sport they may compete in as a Viking.

“Power lifting actually just puts together the basic lifts that demonstrate strength,” says Ehrenberg.

The group has competed in two meets already, and they are now training in full swing for the Class B State Meet in Beatrice in early March.

Ehrenberg says the biggest thing he stresses to his young lifters is form.

“When they compete that’s what’s judged, not moving their feet, when you’re benching not moving your head for instance

Heesacker, who competed with the Scotus lifting team last year due to a lack of a program at Lakeview, says power lifting is catching on at his school.

“We started with about 11 people and we gained six or seven people since the season started,” says Heesacker.

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